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About Us.

Our work not only benefits communities of color. 
More importantly, we involve them as subject matter experts by valuing one's lived experience through genuine engagement, partnership and culturally competent communication.


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We are unique because we assemble powerful teams that are pertinent to your specific project.


We are strong because we provide more value than just our professional expertise. The diversity of our team helps you include a culturally competent lens that not only speaks to your audience's needs but ensures they are represented within the framework of our strategy.


We are effective because we don't just teach diversity, we live by it. While we were founded by a Black woman and intentionally include the thought leadership of Black subject matter experts, our team members represent a variety of cultures and backgrounds so that our work is relevant to best reflect the variety of the audiences we serve.


Meet Kia Williams - Founder & CEO

Kia Williams realized at a very young age that she inherited a passion for justice and equity. Both her paternal and maternal grandfathers were instrumental in creating civil rights legislation and spearheading programs that helped others in need by amplifying their own voices and community needs.


Kia's family shaped how she approaches generosity, but also how she believes that every circle is enhanced by diversity of thought and experience, which can only be fully achieved by including people of color and women in the conversation.


A native of the Washington, DC area, Kia became actively engaged in community youth initiatives through her church and excelled in local performing arts programs where she was introduced to her passion for social justice and the entertainment industry at a young age. Her work as a social change agent among influencers and charitable organizations has continued as a prominent theme throughout her career spanning 20 years.

Kia is a proud graduate of an HBCU, North Carolina A&T State University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in Communications. After years in corporate America, Kia earned a masters degree in Counseling.  She has completed multiple fellowships and continuing education opportunities and is pursuing a graduate certification in Nonprofit Management from Harvard University. 

Even though she enjoyed a fruitful career, Kia was exhausted from nearly two decades of seeking a space among groups that weren’t ready to be inclusive. So in 2018, she took a leap of faith and established Relevant Solutions Group.  Kia's clients were looking for their tribe the same way she was looking for hers.  Through her services, they felt included in the world of philanthropy and cause marketing and were therefore empowered to make their own mark on the world through their wealth and the influence of their brand.  

From managing multi-million-dollar budgets and large teams for a national organization to launching initiatives and brand campaigns for foundations, Kia is a trusted consultant and thought leader.

She loves spending time at the beach, traveling, and long conversations with friends and family over a good meal and a glass of wine.  Kia currently resides in the greater Philadelphia area with her husband Keith and their sons Kyle and Kohen.

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Our exceptional ability to provide culturally competent methods to incorporate equity and philanthropy into one's existing brand is of particular interest to our clients; many of whom are new to their wealth, major platform, or are originally from under-resourced communities themselves.  We are also sought by organizations who seek to ensure their approach effectively reflects the communities they serve.  Our clients not only value, but intentionally seek equitable networks, social innovation, and positive systematic impact.
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